Grand Theft Auto Cheats

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GTA Cheats

These codes must be entered from the mobile phone or playstation installed on the game and only work after moving on to the second mission of the game. Once entered, they will be registered in the cheats section of the device and then you can activate at any time during the part. It is recommended to back up the whole game by saving the game after using these codes. Similarly, it is highly recommended to disable the autosave feature. Moreover, some successes will be locked automatically.


482-555-0100 Restore life, weapons and armor 362-555-0100 Restore life and armor Note 1: The first code (health) blocks the success / trophy Avenger Street (Capture 20 criminals through the police computer .) Note 2: The second code (health and weapons) blocks the success / following trophies: the sly (Successfully lowering an index search 4 stars) Army of one man (Survive for 5 minutes with an index of 6 star wanted) Avenger Street (Capture 20 criminals through the police computer) Fist final (Counter 10 times in 4 minutes of fighting in melee)


486-555-0100 Weapons (lot 1)
Baseball Bat, 9mm pistol, shotgun, MP5, M4, sniper rifle, RPG, grenades. 486-555-0150 Weapons (lot 2) knife, Molotov cocktails, 9mm pistol , shotgun, Uzi, AK47, sniper rifle, RPG.

Index police search

267-555-0100 Removes star search 267-555-0150 Adds 1 star search

Cheating diverse

4685550100 Change weather


227-555-0100 Displays an FIB Buffalo 227-555-0142 Displays a Cognoscenti 227-555-0147 Displays a Turismo 227-555-0168 Displays a SuperGT 227-555-0175 Displays a Comet 359-555 – 0100 Brings up a Annihilator 625-555-0100 Displays an NRG-900 625-555-0150 Displays a Sanchez 938-555-0100 Displays a Jetmax