Clash Of Clans Build Defense System

A Clash of Clans player has created an online tool that lets you build your base (or any basis of truth) through a simple web page. Then you can share your database with the community, and also see other databases other players.
In general, the tool is fine but is a bit slow on mobile devices, probably due to strong Javascript code involved.

Clash of Clans build basis

Screenshot of a base previously created with the tool.

The tool apparently has some advantages and disadvantages, you step to run:

The builder can:

- Add walls 
- Building foundations of any level 
- Allow drag and drop each animal 
- Allow quick navigation through database 
- Allows you to easily see the plans of other players

The builder can not:

Use Internet Explorer (haha) 
Slow Application on mobile devices.

You can get all the strategy and cheat details from the download button below: